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heroes     rather be

calm down     don't play     fragile

say something     just what i am


paradise     lean on     my house






Baauer:     Dum Dum

Chance the Rapper:     Smoke Again

Chiddy Bang:     Mind Your Manners

Christina Aguilera:     Say Something

Denzel Curry:     Dark & Violent        Talk That Shit

Drake:     Take Care

Eminem:     Above The Law     The Monster

Freddie Gibbs:     187     Kush Cloud     Have You Seen Her

Fredo Santana:     Jealous

Glen Hansard:     Falling Slowly

Hardwell:     Spaceman(trapRemix)    

J. Cole:     Power Trip

Kendrick Lamar:     The Recipe     Hiii Power     

Kid Cudi:     Just What I am

Lil Wayne:     Rich as Fuck     Brand New     Loyal

Lil Jon:     Turn Down for What

Mack Wilds:     Own It

Rihanna:     What Now    Love Song

Ryan Adams:     Desire

Santigold:     Disparate Youth

Sara Bareilles:     Brave

What So Not:     Touched     


Yo Gotti:     My Nigga     Act Right     Women Lie Men Lie

Young Jeezy:    Welcome Back

50 Cent:     Outlaw
















IDEA:  Split water with electricity, recover hydrogen gas (FUEL) and oxygen gas (FUEL) ...


SUMMARY:  take sea water, split it to get hydrogen gas fuel, use that fuel in the deslination of MORE sea water so that you can irrigate the crops and run the city, drink even, with non-salinated water.  What about the radioactive particles festering in the Pacific Ocean, though? ? 


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6-23--2 0 1 5  -  Stanford scientists have developed a cheap and efficient way to extract clean-burning hydrogen fuel from water 24 hours a day, seven days a week  -  http://news.stanford.edu


9-12--2 0 1 4  -  Scientists have taken a major step forward in the production of hydrogen from water which could lead to a new era of cheap, clean and renewable energy  -  http://phys.org


8-22--2 0 1 4  -  Stanford scientists have developed a cheap, emissions-free device that uses a 1.5-volt ordinary AAA battery to split water into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas  -  http://news.stanford.edu


3-28--2 0 1 3  -  University of Calgary researchers create new cheaper method for making water-splitting catalysts using abundant metals  -  http://www.technologyreview.com


6-19--2 0 1 2  -  Caltech researchers demonstrate a better, clean, technique for using heat and catalysts to split water into hydrogen and oxygen  -  http://www.technologyreview.com


8-8--2 0 0 9  -  Scientists have devised a unique new mechanism for the formation of hydrogen and oxygen from water, without the need for sacrificial chemical agents, through individual steps, using light  -  http://www.sciencedaily.com


___ from  w i k i p e d i a :  "Photocatalytic water splitting is an artificial photosynthesis process with photocatalysis in a photoelectrochemical cell used for the dissociation of water into its constituent parts, hydrogen and oxygen, using either artificial or natural lights.  Theoretically, only solar energy, water, and a catalyst are needed."













































_______ _ _ _ _ S o m e  ARTICLES report that the China Stock "crash" is a big deal, whereas others report that it's not at all.  So what is the truth?  

And how will the "crash" ripple outwards into the global economy, as in the days weeks and months ahead ??



7-8--2 0 1 5  -  The really worrying financial crisis is happening in China, not Greece;  China looks like it is heading for its version of the 1929 stock market crash  -  http://www.telegraph.co.uk



7-9--2 0 1 5  -  Why the Stock Meltdown Doesn’t Spell Doom for China  -  www.slate.com


"The country’s economy has a very different relationship to equity markets than the West’s do."  ...since the times of Marco Polo, the West has invariably seen China through the same lens that it sees itself. As global equity markets swoon in response to the recent meltdown in Chinese stocks, these deep-rooted biases are in play once again. The Western version of China has darkened out of fear of asset bubbles, excess investment, and debt overhangs—precisely the same imbalances that have afflicted the major economies of the developed world over the past two decades. The truth is far less bleak."

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